Our Process

Every home is different, meaning every project is different. We base our build process on decades of experiences working in the Ottawa area. For more information contact us below to speak with one of our professionals.  

1 - Discovery

It is important for us to get to know you, your project vision and your existing home. Likewise, it is vital for you to get to know us and what our organization can do for you.

We will be pleased to meet with you at your home to discuss the details of your project. This gives us the opportunity to listen to your needs and interpret your vision, while also reviewing your proposed budget.

We will use this time to take measurements and notes of the existing structure and investigate the various building systems (i.e. electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.). Accurate information is needed to start accurately designing and pricing your project.

2 - Conceptual Design

After our initial meeting(s), our team will get to work preparing our conceptual design package which includes the floor plan, scope of work, and theoretical cost estimate.

Once completed, we will present our conceptual design package that highlights municipal planning considerations (zoning, allowable building area, setbacks, height restrictions etc.), potential construction constraints, and other factors related to your project.

We will also present our Design Agreement – this details the design scope of work and investment required to move forward. Our team will be happy to discuss your questions or concerns.

3 - Detailed Design

It is time to start nailing down the details of your project. There will be lots of questions asked and answered as our expert team works with you to fully develop your design and anticipate possible issues.

At this time, we also work with engineers and other building specialists to ensure that your design will be building permit ready. This stage of our process can be quite exciting resulting in a final design that you can be proud to call home.

4 - Build Documents

With the completed design, we can produce permit-ready drawings.
In an easy-to-understand format, the final scope of work includes all the work activities of your build. We will also include all possible design and build changes along with any selections that require client approval. This document allows Ottawa Builders to finalize the budget for your build and to develop your build schedule.

Finally, the Build Agreement, our standard client contract, includes the drawings, scope of work and budget. Relevant information such as the timeline and payment schedule are part of the agreement, ensuring the client is informed when to expect work activities and when payments will be required.

5 - Build

Now it is time to put our careful planning into action. After any required demolition, we shift into building mode, and you start to see your design come to life through the framing and rough-in stages.

Any outstanding selections (i.e. door style, plumbing fixture, paint colour, etc.) are finalized during framing and rough-ins. Our team will lead the decision-making process on these choices and inform you of the associated budget adjustments.

With all selections chosen we begin the finishing stage that focuses on the fine details of your design resulting in a product, you will love.

Our experts will be available to addresses your questions and concerns as the build continues. We will keep you informed, letting you know what to expect in the upcoming days of your project as you watch your vision become a reality.

6 - Completion and Warranty

Included in the final stage of all builds is a professional cleaning service, we want to make sure your home is cleaned and move in ready before we hand over the keys.

Once we have reached substantial completion, meaning your home is live-in ready, we want to make sure you are satisfied. We will meet with you and carefully review your project, creating a list of deficiencies that need to be addressed. At this time, we will arrange to complete the final touches to your project within a reasonable time frame.

We stand behind our work with our 6-year warranty to ensure complete satisfaction.

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